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4 tips for driving in the Kentucky winter

On occasion during the winter months, Kentucky becomes covered in white. The state gets, on average, 11 inches of snow every year. Even so, you may have no choice but to get out on the road to get to work. Although you may be an expert in driving in this type of condition, others may not be. 

A report published by the University of Kentucky’s Transportation Center stated in 2015, snow, ice and slush contributed to almost 5,000 accidents. Fifteen of those were fatal. 

Driving in the snow 

When the snow falls, it may harden into ice. Such driving situations can be deadly. Here are four tips for driving on these kinds of dangerous roads.

1. For your safety, do not get out on the road if you do not need to.

Heed emergency notifications. If officials report hazardous road conditions and advise people to stay off the streets, obey whenever possible.

2. If you do have to head out into bad weather, drive slowly. 

You may want to keep your speed under the legal speed limit. Increase the distance between you and the other drivers so if you must put on the brakes, there is less chance to hit the car in front of you.

3. Try not to stop if you can avoid it. 

Start to slow your vehicle down before you reach an intersection. If you can, slow down but keep your car rolling until a traffic light changes. Make sure to be aware of other vehicles in case they cannot stop.

4. Remember that black ice may be fatal. 

This practically invisible ice forms due to heat from tires coupled with freezing temperatures. You can expect it to develop in the early morning and evening. If you encounter black ice, do not hit your brakes and keep the steering wheel straight. 

During the winter season, make sure to keep your car stocked with cold-weather gear such as warm clothing, blankets and a glass scraper. You may need to inflate your tires and make sure your gas tank is at least half full whenever you head out.