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Getting adequate rest can help people stay safer at work

When workplace safety is being discussed a majority of the focus is often on aspects such as adequate training and experience, as well as the appropriate use of safety equipment and materials during more dangerous jobs. However, workers who prioritize their own health can play a critical role in protecting themselves while they are at work in Kentucky. when workers are physically, mentally and emotionally healthy, they can be more alert, competitive, productive and confident in their responsibilities. 

While there are many aspects of proper self-care that can be considered including eating healthy foods, staying active and making sure to always wear proper clothing, how much sleep workers get in preparation for going to their job each day is another critical aspect. Sleep is important to all professionals who are required to work long hours, remain physically active throughout their shift and participate in making decisions that will ultimately affect the productivity of their organization, as well as the safety and well-being of those around them. 

According to, getting enough sleep is one of the most critical components of a person’s effort to stay healthy. Other recommendations include learning how to effectively manage stress and finding ways to maintain a weight that is healthy and enables them to comfortably perform their job functions. 

Workology suggests that sleep deprivation can cost employers a significant amount of money each year, especially if they have multiple employees who are not functioning at their highest capacity. In fact, research shows that just one unproductive employee can cost an organization a staggering $2,280 each year and that is based on the minimum wage.