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Trimble County teen killed in car crash

Most people in Kentucky understand the need for teenage drivers to gain experience on the road in order to overcome the problems inherent with inexperience. Yet gaining that experience could potentially place others on the road in danger.

Sadly, often the people at the most risk of suffering injuries due to the inexperience of new drivers are their peers. Teens tend to love the freedom that comes with driving, and naturally, they want to experience that freedom with their friends (by driving around together). If and when those new drivers cause accidents, their passengers may experience the worst of it.

Single-car crash in Campbellsburg kills one, injures another

The tragic death of a popular Trimble County teen illustrates this point. According to, local authorities claim that the car carrying the girl lost control while traveling along a road near Campbellsburg, veered off the road and hit a tree. First responders pronounced the teen dead at the scene; the driver (another teen) received treatment from a local hospital for minor injuries.

Seeking compensation for driver negligence

Victims who sustained their injuries as passengers (or their family or friends) may find it difficult to initiate legal action in following their car accidents. They typically have a relationship with the driver transporting them, and they may worry about the tension and strain that such action may place on that relationship. Yet in many cases, they may have little choice. The many expenses associated with a car accident can easily leave one destitute (even after receiving an insurance settlement). Additional compensation through a liability claim may be the only way one can deal with such costs. Securing that compensation may be easier if one has extensive (and experienced) legal resources available to them.