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A vehicle crash, underlying injuries and a medical report

Vehicle accidents happen daily in Kentucky. Many are minor, such as rear-end collisions, but serious injuries can result. 

Prompt medical attention is essential after a car crash, even if you feel fine since you could have underlying injuries. You need a diagnosis, possible treatment and a medical report. 

A response to the crash

The human body is not programmed to manage the extreme shock of a vehicle crash. The impact of the crash causes the body to release chemicals such as adrenalin that can temporarily mask pain and injury. So, even a low-speed rear-end collision could cause a victim to experience a serious injury that may not be immediately apparent. 

The importance of medical attention

Your first concern will be your wellbeing. After a vehicle crash, no matter how minor, you may just want to go home and relax. However, since underlying injuries are possible, the best next step is to seek medical attention. For example, if you hit your head as a result of the impact, you could have a concussion or even a more serious brain injury. 

The pursuit of compensation

It is important to see a doctor as soon as possible not only for your state of health but also for the medical report the doctor will provide. This will link any injuries you might have directly to the vehicle crash. When the time comes for you to submit a claim for compensation, the report will prevent the insurance company from arguing that your injuries resulted from something other than the vehicle accident. Remember that as the victim of a crash caused by a negligent driver, you have a right to expect full and fair compensation to cover your medical expenses and more.