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How do I remove leaves to prevent falls?

It is your responsibility as a homeowner to make sure your property is safe for visitors. There are various hazards that can come along at different times of the year that could pose a risk. In the fall, that hazard is leaves.

Leaves, especially when wet, pose a fall risk, so you will want to clean them up and keep them under control throughout the season.

When to clean up

According to, you should clean up leaves when it is dry if at all possible. Pay attention to the weather forecast and make sure you clear debris before it rains. After the rain, the leaves will become slick and could lead to someone falling. Also, wet leaves are much harder to clean up than dry ones.

You also want to clean up when there is little to no wind. You will need to clean up leaves several times during the season to prevent them from becoming a hazard.

Where to clean up

You will want to remove leaves from all walkways or areas, such as patios, where people will walk. It is also important to clean up leaves in your yard as they will blow over onto walkways.

How to clean up

You can sweep leaves with a broom, but the easiest way to clean them up is with a leaf blower. How ever you do it, make sure you put them in a pile and bag them up. Leaving a pile will only result in having to clean them up again as they will blow about. Never burn leaves to get rid of them as this creates a fire hazard.